No mellanmjölk. That's our motto - and frankly it takes years of Swedishness to fully indulge the depth of those words, but in short it means no half-things, no compromises. Things done with full conviction. By the way, our team consists of a French-Swede, a British-Swede, an Irish-Englishman, a Swiss, a Brit, a Finnish-Swede, a Jämtlänning, and oh - a Swede. So, no, we’re not exactly Swedish.

J12 + DHS = Fund and angel network hybrid.

J12’s investment history has been born with the idea to gather alumni from the Stockholm School of Economics alumni to back the next generation of entrepreneurs. This idea has since grown into a diverse group of 25 active entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders, jointly able not only to invest, but to help founders reach the first critical milestones in their ambition for exponential growth; first customers, distribution partnerships, pricing strategies and key employees to name some of the typical early challenges. While J12 today operates as an independent fund, we’re still a fully integrated partner to the angel network DHS venture partners.

Meet the 25 active members

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We never speak of a case. We don't do deals. We partner with people and we do it with heart. Founding a company is personal. It's about founders, teams and their ideas and visions. And we treat them accordingly - personally, uniquely, with respect and a straightforward honesty. If you are an entrepreneur breaking new ground you are doing something that nobody has done before. Sure, there is inspiration, there is experience - but nobody has done what you are about to do, with the same means, at the same time, in the same market. EVER. Hence we think the best way to help founders build great companies is to invest in them. Their ability to lead. To make decisions. And to dare to do things differently. And that is why we have gathered entrepreneurs, operators, corporate leaders, and all sorts of experts to supercharge founders to become the best version of themselves. To successfully break new ground.