Sofie Batalov

Why are you in Venture Capital?

I work with VC because of two main reasons. I’m particularly interested in and fascinated by people and their will to create. I’m also always curious to see what the future might hold and in working with VC, I am enabled to focus on those two areas which is fulfilling and exciting.

What portfolio companies are you currently working with and what made them stand out?

Tradebay and the company stood out primarily due to its’ founder, Filippa. It was her sheer will and passion about the sector she is in, her contagious energy which makes you think that anything is possible. It always comes down to people first. Not only does Tradebay focus on one of the largest verticals out there – food and specifically fruits, but it has a founder that is a visionary and a true peoples person.

What are you doing when you’re not working?

I love to travel and to work up a sweat (primarily in my CrossFit box) and sometimes they are combined. Discover the world, new cultures and experiences is something I prioritize as much as I can. This, combined with my interest for people makes it truly one of the best things to do when I’m off. Also, it’s something I can combine with work which makes it even better and more interesting. Working up a sweat comes from just enjoying the challenge and feeling that I get from working out. Continuous improvement, challenges and the community with great people makes it one of the best activities out there.

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