Hannah Goich

Why are you in Venture Capital?

Prior to joining J12 I spent 5 years working in Private Equity across multiple investment strategies and was introduced to Venture Capital at my previous firm, EQT. To me, I experience VC to be more intimate and hands-on than large buyout and I like being part of supporting passionate and driven entrepreneurs on their journey to actualizing their visions in shaping the future.

What do you do at J12?

I’m responsible for managing the relationships with the people and institutions that enable J12 to invest in and support companies on their journey – our investors. That entails spearheading all of our investor communication, events and fundraising efforts. I’m also working with our branding and marketing strategies.

What are you doing when you’re not working?

In my downtime I like to do something creative where I get to express myself just for me. I love painting with oil on canvas and will turn our living room into my own personal atelier on the weekends. If I’m not painting I love watching movies. Some of my favourite films come from directors such as Guy Ritchie and Wes Anderson. I’ve even taken a few acting classes!

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