The Founders in Mind

To be an entrepreneur is to dare. To dare to do something new, something previously unseen or unimagined. To dare is to do, and we want to help you get it done.

We know how tough the journey from visionary idea to product-market-fit is, and we're here to support. That's what we're passionate about, that's where we thrive. That's what we do.

Combining the best of two worlds

Building a product is tough, but reaching the market is tougher. It requires a good understanding of the industry dynamics, a solid network, and partnerships just to get started. Our Angel Partners, an exclusive and diverse group of investors, invest alongside us. They are successful entrepreneurs, experienced investors, and specialized business leaders. With a dedicated management team, and specialised angel investors working together to support your journey, we combine the best of two worlds in the early stage.

We dare to invest early

We like to invest early, to support founders with experienced industry experts to find the fastest way to the market and beat the competition.

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We invest in people

Yes, everybody says it, we do it. If we don’t believe in a team we won’t invest. But if we do we will support the founders through conflicts, pivots and painful recruiting rushes to name a few typical pain points. Ask our founders!

Our Investment Philosophy

People with Visions

We like teams with big visions and the endurance to achieve them.


We like to be close and primarily invest in the Nordics, in particular Sweden, Finland and the Baltics with offices in Stockholm, Helsinki and London.

Investment Focus

We are industry agnostic, investing in technology companies with a preference for software.

Early Stage

We are not afraid to invest early to help you find product-market fit. Typically, companies have a first product when we invest.